“There’s more than one way to do life”

When I try to distill down to a single sentence the entirety of why we think travel is so good for our children, it’s this: travel teaches our children that there’s more than one way to do life. We want our children to be citizens of the world, rather than just their own country.

This means that they learn many different ways to be flexible – not only in their daily routines but in the things they eat, places they go, people they see and even where they go to sleep at night. Time spent traveling, mixed with lengthy time at a solid, dependable home base, teaches them to adapt, be challenged and grow.

Not all cars drive on the same side of the road. We all have accents, even if we can’t hear our own ones until we have left our country for a while. Even discovering that McDonald’s tastes and looks slightly different in every country of the world have helped teach them. (Happy Meal toys are of a much higher quality in the United States than New Zealand. Same movie promotion, completely different toys.) There’s no one ‘right’ way, there are only the ways that we currently know about and are familiar with.

We hope these experiences help nurture our children to be open to change, to other perspectives, to respect other people and their cultures and then bring this back into to their lives at home.



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