I recently read a wonderful book called At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider about her adventures traveling the world for nine months with her three young children. I read a lot of books, but this one was different to all the rest because of my reaction to it. It made me feel really uncomfortable, a type of itch I couldn’t stop noticing.

Not an itch to travel because I’m always feeling the pull of travel, the back-of-the-mind plan for the next journey as we’re landing from the current one. An itch to write my own book: To share my experiences about traveling as a child, alone as a teenager and young adult, with my husband and now with my four children. Travel for me has always been more than the sights, culture, and food. It’s been about the funny little experiences, the stories we tell time and time again, the ways we’re forever changed, the people we meet, the observations we have on your life looking in on it from the outside, and those we have on the world around us. I felt the book Why I travel. Why traveling with kids is so good for your entire family.

I felt the book was a wonderful exploration of her journey, but it wasn’t mine. It wasn’t sharing my heart about why I travel. Why I believe traveling with kids is so worthwhile for their worldview and character.

People often say they’ll take their kids there when they’re older so they’ll remember it all but the remembering isn’t the most important part of travel. So, here are my stories, my reflections. I’d love to hear yours.

Rachel Cunliffe


Rachel and Regan Cunliffe live on a small farm in rural New Zealand and travel abroad each year with their four children aged 2, 4, 7 and 9. Rachel is the founder of cre8d design, a web design studio serving clients around the world.